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  • coryrwilliamson

    Very impressive. You might consider adding three things: 1) the health benefits of workshifting–i.e., the smaller likelihood of company-wide contagion; 2) disaster mitigation–i.e., the smaller likelihood that a hurricane, say, might shut down the entire operation; and 3) leapfrogging immigration restrictions–i.e., who cares if you can’t bring valued employees into the country, as long as they can work from home?

  • http://twitter.com/andybrand Andreas Forsland

    Great visual story on the benefits of workshifting. Especially the “Happy people” stat.

  • http://www.gaming-entreprise.com/ Guide de jeux

    I think you are right in your vision !

  • sherry storms

    so cool, unfortunately i have a “control” supervisor, that will not allow workshifting, even though i work on the www all day, and rarely speak to a soul … i can only hope things are better for future generations …

  • http://bytesland.com Bytes Land

    Workshifting is a state of mind, and for it to succeed, managers and
    employees need to change how they view productivity, time, loyalty and
    work-life balance. Workshifting improves employee productivity by up to 40 percent, markedly reduces rates of employee turnover and absenteeism. It should be a critical component of a robust business continuity plan
    (staying operational in the face of serious issues like extreme weather
    or a pandemic). Moreover, workshifting really increases flexibility of real estate costs and usage, increases employee retention, motivation, productivity and attraction rates, enhances your corporate image and improves access to employment for disabled employees. Its benefits are  obvious!