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Power to The Dreamers

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dreambig.jpgI’ve always related to those who dare to dream big. They come in many shapes and sizes, whether they are inventors, entrepreneurs, researchers, or other professionals. Dreamers change the game and are the ones behind the curtain of all of today’s biggest innovative movements – think mobile technology, alternative energy, and the internet (thanks Al Gore).

These daring individuals thrive in today’s information age. Ground breaking technologies have equipped armies of collaborative communities with the tools they need to pump out valuable products, tools, services, and content. 

That’s not to say that all dreamers create value. It’s one thing to dream. To deliver on that dream is a whole different ball game.

It’s the disciplined dreamers that deliver.

Disciplined dreamers don’t make excuses. They don’t care about the crappy economy or that they don’t have any money. They don’t care they’re a small fish in a big ocean and that they don’t have a wealth of experience. They just execute.

Commandments like “ship early and ship often” are the mantras of the disciplined dreamers. The people who wake up each day and do what’s difficult are the ones who are the pioneers of progress. They’re the ones who consistently work hard to create something out of nothing, and they’re often the ones who get tagged as the “overnight success.”

The sky’s the limit.

I’m inspired by the innovators and influencers who are disciplined enough to follow their dreams. Innovation and ideation only spurs further growth and awakens more of the dormant dreamers. With this growing ecosystem of execution, the sky is the limit.

How about you? What’s your dream?

Photo Credit: KayVee.INC