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Phillip.jpgIf you’re a WorkShifter, that great coffee shop may be a nice environment for you to work in, but where do you go when you need to meet with someone? Holding a business meeting at a cafe table might work in some instances, especially if the person you are meeting with is not a complete stranger to you. But what if you need to meet a new client? Then things can be a bit more difficult.

Home office workers can face the same problem, too. Not everyone keeps their house in presentation mode at all times. The distractions of a personal space may not be the right environment for some meetings. And family and pets can be added distractions, as well.

Coworking can provide a good option for a workspace with the characteristics of an office, but without the associated overhead. Coworking spaces are, first and foremost, work spaces. So there are fewer extraneous distractions than you are likely to find at home or a coffee shop.

Those of us with young children face the nearly insurmountable task of keeping toys and clutter out of the way. Staying on top of that, as well as running a business is just one more headache to deal with if you are meeting people at your home.

Some pets may not be conducive to a good meeting environment, either.
Not everyone’s dog is calm and quiet when strangers come to visit. Even locked away in a back room, a barking dog can disrupt a meeting. And a visitor with allergies to your pet may be uncomfortable in an environment where the animal has been living.

Another problem that neither the cafe nor the living room address very well is the kind of furniture that is available. Meetings with more than a couple of people are often difficult with the small tables found in most cafes. And very few homes have tables other than a kitchen or dining room table that are the size and scale of a meeting table.

Coworking spaces not only have work furniture, but private meeting rooms are the norm, so that you don’t have to disturb your fellow coworkers, either. My coworking
has two meeting rooms, one that will accommodate 4-5 people, and the other for as many as 12. There’s also a small phone room that sometimes gets used as a two-person meeting room.

Even with a home office, it can be useful to have a coworking space available as a place for meetings. For people who don’t need full-time access, but who may occasionally find access to a coworking space useful, some coworking spaces offer day-passes or other short-term
that allow use of the facilities on an as-needed basis.

Do you have other options for meeting space?

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  • http://www.workspring.com Gina

    yes! If you’re in the Chicago area, try Workspring. Five meeting rooms to accommodate 2-30 guests plus public space. http://www.workspring.com.

  • http://www.coworkingrochester.com Travis

    If you’re ever in Rochester, NY, drop by Coworking Rochester for a free day to see if coworking is right for you.

  • http://www.officesuitesplus.com Emily

    There are also full service office centers such as Office Suites PLUS that have private offices that can be used full time or just on a guest basis, and also various size meeting and conference rooms that can be used on a walk-in basis. Beverage service is included in this, so if you really must have the caffeine minus the coffee shop noise, it could be a good solution :) Feel free to tweet @OfficeStesPLUS or go to officesuitesplus.com if there are any questions.

  • http://zze.st Maxim

    I personally have never tried coworking, but I think another benefit of it is inspiration to work with other free self-employed people and network as well…

  • http://workbarboston.com Evona Niewiadomska

    WorkBar in Boston has a few different options for meeting spaces. Aside from our formal conference room, we also have a half open work lounge great for internal brainstorming or casual meetings as well as an open couch area which has also been used to meet with clients.
    It’s interesting to see how our members use the space because often times its much different than what we had initially planned for or anticipated. For example, in our front “cafe area” we have several small cafe tables which we thought would be used only on occasion, however, several of our members actually prefer these tables, often times pairing up at one table for the entire workday.
    It’s interesting to run a business whose structure is driven by the diverse coworking community and how they acclimate to the workspace.

  • http://meetsaas.com Daniel Kaneshiro

    I call it HybridOfficeTM, bridging the gap between the home and traditional office. Visit us online at http://resourcesuites.com or offline if you’re ever in Hawaii.

  • http://herbkeeper.net/herb-keeper-auctions Fresh Herb Keeper

    Through providing the perfect degree of humidness and air flow, this specifically constructed acrylic container preserves all of the aroma as well as taste of recently cut herbs for as long as 3 weeks whenever kept in the refrigerator.

  • mimigraney

    The Design Annex in Union Square, Somerville provides coworking facilities specifically for design professionals. Having access to a large format printer is something most folks can’t maintain in their home office.

  • http://www.batterystores.ca laptop battery

    well, let’s go to the world cup..

  • Tom Hadley

    Sounds great. I am in Australia do you know of any such facilties here ?

  • Richard Rotimi Noah

    i am richard NOAH working with people (coworking) is good because it increases ones skill more on the job since you will also learn from other when doing it wrong and as well when other are mistaking. it also build relationship and make employee not job burn out.

  • Lisa

    Coworking Connection in Murrieta, CA  is a great place for independent business professionals who are looking to spend a day at a professional office, or to rent out space permanently. Check out http://www.coworkingconnection.com for more info.

  • Receivable Collections

    Yes this is really a nice post.Mostly we face this problem when we are managing our work from home  and we don’t have enough space for meeting.So your idea really sounds interesting.Thanks.
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  • http://www.theofficeescape.com Ella Pelayo

    This is why I really wish there is a coworking space here in Aklan :( Sometimes I am torned between just renting up an office space but then again I also feel it is going to be difficult to give up the advantages of working from home. 

  • http://www.success4biz.biz/ Nancy

    Coworking is a tremendous concept — you have access to office supplies, desks, administrative support, other freelancers/entrepreneurs, and energy flowing through the room that makes everyone work better and more productively! Check out Business Success Unlimited if you’re ever in SW Michigan!

  • http://www.spacify.com/bedroom_mirrors-889-175.html Modern Mirrors

    A space for entrepreneurs, artists and business professionals to build work, … If you would like to CoWork in Harlem or would be interested in sponsoring Harlem ..

  • http://twitter.com/yusufc Yusuf Chadun

    Nice post. Co-working is realy taking off. There are even some niche ones to address the needs of freelance/self employed parents that require flexibility. Third Door in the UK (London) is one example.