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Archive | April, 2010

Today’s post is from Jessica Eastman, Product Marketing Content Manager for Citrix Online. She manages the development and creation of lead-generating content across all Citrix Online’s Web collaboration and remote support and access products. Her background includes technical writing and marketing within the financial services and software sectors. I have a love-hate relationship with my […]

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The Nature Of Remoteness

Posted by on 29 April 2010

My fellow “Citrite” Tal Klein just provided a great insight in his comment on my recent “Eruptions” post. I hope he won’t mind if I replicate it and discuss it here, because it is evidence of a new style of thinking which (I have to say) I rather like. Tal’s comment was: I think teleworking […]

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Martha Johnson, the new administrator of the General Services Administration (GSA) has become a passionate endorser for Workshifting since her appointment to the post in February of this year. She has given numerous speeches in which she has touted the advantages of remote working environments.  Earlier this week she backed teleworking during a speech at […]

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I sat down with the President of Citrix Online, Brett Caine.  It was fun to sit informally and chat about collaboration, culture, the need for simplicity and much more.  He even fields a few questions from the Twitterverse about tools he can’t live without and his favorite Workshifting location. What makes this interview interesting is […]

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If you’re a WorkShifter, that great coffee shop may be a nice environment for you to work in, but where do you go when you need to meet with someone? Holding a business meeting at a cafe table might work in some instances, especially if the person you are meeting with is not a complete […]

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The Jason Bourne Guide to Workshifting

It may be a guy thing, but I love spy thrillers. Who hasn’t dreamt of being James Bond, Jack Bauer, Mitch Rapp, or Austin Powers?  Today I wanted to share with you The Jason Bourne Guide to Workshifting.  Sure, his methods are sometimes a little difficult to duplicate and he does work alone most of […]

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Is workshifting a more effective work environment than a cubicle farm? Yes.  From an organizational basis are there financial benefits?  Yes.  Are there efficiency benefits?  Yes.  Will employees be more content and empowered with this freedom?  Yes.  There are countless benefits to a workshifting environment, but what about the individual?  What are the benefits for […]

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My first laptop weighed 17 pounds, and I loved it. It made me mobile, if in a battleship kind of way. My second laptop was about 12 pounds, and I loved that it didn’t require an extra large computer bag on wheels to tote. My third laptop was… well, you get the picture. Over time, […]

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We’re going to introduce a different style of post around here to provide you with, hopefully, even more value and resources.  We’ll be posting book and product reviews that the workshifting team thinks will be useful to you. Today’s book review, Undress for Success: The Naked Truth About Making Money at Home, is a book […]

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If every person in the U.S. with a workshifting-compatible job worked at home on Earth Day, collectively it would: Save 900 Million vehicle miles Save 45 Million gallons of gas–$188 Million in consumer savings Save 2.3 Million barrels of oil–valued at $185 Million Eliminate 423,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases–the equivilant of taking 77,000 cars off […]

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