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Workshifting Etiquette

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Today we have a guest post from Brent LaSala who is Citrix Online workshifter.

Recently I had the privilege of workshifting with Eric Bensley, a good friend and co-worker at Citrix Online.   As a permanent workshifter based in San Francisco, this was a rare opportunity to assess the dynamics of working from home with a teammate.  Needless to say, there were a few lessons learned.
Eric arrived at my apartment Monday morning around 10:30am, just as my alarm was going off… Only kidding, David (my boss), it was more like 7:30am.  We cooked a delicious egg scramble because we’re a couple of well-rounded, domesticated gentlemen that function best with high blood sugar levels.  It’s not relevant to my post, but let’s face it, cooking your own meals is a major workshifting perk that keeps extra change in the piggybank and adipose tissue off your finely sculpted abdomen.
The day started out great.  We were energized, excited for the work day, and before long were bouncing (brilliant?) ideas off one another while pounding coffees.  By about lunchtime we noticed a few ‘home-dwelling’ behaviors/sounds not ideally suited for a prosperous work environment.  A knowing glance of discomfort, coupled with some form of verbal outcry was typically enough to relay a message of disapproval.  Video production is a small hobby of mine, so by about the 4 o’clock hour we were inspired to make the following tutorial on workshifting etiquette, only ‘slightly’ exaggerated.  Hope you enjoy!

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    That video is great.