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1007759336_3dfde57447_m.jpgWe often ask people where they like to workshift. But we don’t ask an arguably more interesting question: Why do you hang out there?

I know one colleague whose favorite location is a social Starbucks because it’s a great place to identify potential clients. Another person flees the office for anywhere quiet where she can put her headphones on and work without distractions. A third is moving from an office that’s too quiet into a new, open workspace humming with the energy of entrepreneurs. My favorite spot? The National Mall, where I can puzzle out business challenges and work through blog post ideas while enjoying fresh air and the endorphin rush of a long run.

So what are your criteria for a good workshifting space? Here’s a short checklist:

•    Are workshifters welcome?
•    Are the staff and regulars open to newcomers?
•    When traveling, will the locals give you advice about what else to do in town?

•    Is it abuzz with conversation, sharing, and collaboration?
•    Is it a quiet place where everyone will leave me alone?

•    Tables
•    Big Chairs
•    Lounge Space

•    Yes (free)
•    Yes (fee)
•    No
•    Intermittent

•    Lots
•    Some
•    You must be there at opening time to snag one

Business Worthiness
•    Is it a good place to grow my network?
•    Do my prospective clients hang out here?

This is just my starting point. What would you add?

Photo Credit: Drama Queen

Daria Steigman is the founder of Steigman Communications. She is a business and marketing strategist, and a writer, and works with companies, associations, and international organizations to put in place smart communications strategies to support your goals and objectives. Read more at www.steigmancommunications.com.