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fitworkshifting.jpgWorking while on the road is complicated. Acclimating yourself to new cities or cultures. Getting to meetings. Finding internet access that won’t require you fork over the deed to your house. 

While planning the company trip I’m on right now a major consideration was how I could stay fit while on the road. Two years ago, I weighed in at about 250 pounds, and I was incredibly unhealthy. Once I fled the corporate world like the Phoenix from the ashes, I decided, now that I was on my own, I was going to get and stay fit. Traveling on business while trying to stay fit can be a nightmare. There are two issues. 
Number one is the eating. For some reason, we all turn into gluttonous porkers while we are away from home. The Peanut M&M’s that we would never buy while at home, mysteriously find their way into every solitary meal. I thought I’d stay away from this one for the purposes of this post as I still haven’t succeeded in staving off my gormandizing tendencies. But, number two is fitness. Sometimes the places you stay don’t have a gym, or sometimes you just don’t want to drag your tail down there to be ambushed by someone that might be there for the same conference/meeting, etc. 
Here I provide a short video of what I bring to stay fit while workshifting on the road. This stuff is cheap, easy to pack, and can be used anywhere. 

For those interested in the push-ups bars and/or resistance bads, here are a bunch of options over on Amazon: Push-up Bars & Resistance Bands.

So, before your next business trip, go out and buy this gear, and commit to 20 minutes a day (or like me, every other day) and you should be able to stay fit in the midst of your workshifting madness.

Do you have any tips on how you stay fit while traveling?

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  • Jess

    LOVE this article – I was just on the road in Vegas and they wanted $20/day to use their “spa” (i.e. workout room). I knew I’d only have an hour or less each morning to get there, get a fast workout in, and get out and ready for the day. Was I getting my $20 worth? So I skipped it, ate those M&Ms you talked about, and am now home and frustrated that I missed the opportunity.
    But…I can pack resistance bands and some other basic stuff and never have to leave my room (OR fork over a twenty dollar bill each day, give me a break).
    Thanks for the tips!

  • ajleon.myopenid.com

    Yeah, I know, all those super expensive “club fees” at hotels for what will be incredibly short workouts anyway are ridiculous.
    Glad you liked the tips, one thing I forgot to mention in my video (like an idiot) is that I do 5 minutes of ab work … crunches/leg lifts (which you don’t need any equipment for).
    Let me know how it works out for you next time you’re on the road, Jess :)

  • lara.dalch

    Great tips! One other to add since I’m a Pilates geek: Take the time to learn a basic Pilates mat workout (yes, guys do it too!). No “props” required – just use a towel in your hotel room as a mat – and takes only 20 minutes or so once you get comfortable with it. Add a quick run to that and you’ll stay toned and healthy during any on the road adventure.
    -Lara (www.laradalch.com)

  • Stephen Hamilton

    I sometimes use a skipping rope. It’s a great way to exercise, it is easy to pack, and it’s great in places where the weather is too extreme (or it’s just too unsafe) for running.

  • Luke

    Great advice! I too carry around a Resistance Band (or Dynaband) they are great for keeping in shape! I also find water or milk bottles handy for make shift dumbells!
    If you want some quick workouts that you can do in your hotel room or anywhere for that matter check out my workout blog

  • Workoutlibrary.com
  • Luke

  • http://www.repipehelp.info Neil Rhett

    Every year I say I’m going to get into Pilates but I keep putting it off, I’m hoping visiting sites like this is going to change my resolve.