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Archive | June, 2009

Today we have a guest post from Andrew Mahaney.  Andy is a contact center solution architect and consultant at eLoyalty Corp specializing in the deployment of Cisco Unified Communication technologies. He has been workshifting for 6 years from hotels, airports and client sites around the world. He now works from his home office in South […]

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Five Steps to Making a Sale

Posted by on 29 June 2009

Without a sale we’re not in business and ongoing sales will spur the business to grow. Today I offer five steps on how to make a sale and keep the cash flowing. Step 1: Prepare Research supply and demand ie spend time looking at what the market wants and how you can supply this in […]

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You have the ideal work life. You hopped into your proverbial Argus and escaped from a ubiquitous Sea of Cubicles. You work remotely for your employer or you run your own business. You have the liberty to work when and where and in the manner you please. You are free. A few months down the […]

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Earlier this week I interviewed Greg Matthews, Director of Innovation at Humana, while he was in Boston to speak at the Enterprise 2.0 conference.  A title such as “Director of Innovation” is not one that we’re used to seeing in the health industry.  This interview provides a glimpse into all of the innovative things that […]

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Working with distributed groups is a bit like learning to play golf. You’re going to make mistakes, use a lot of 4-letter words, and start drinking early in the day. Ok, so let’s just stick with the mistakes and frustration part for the purpose of this post. Hearing about others’ mistakes can be entertaining … […]

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With summer conference season in high gear, workshifters are finding themselves away from their home base more than ever as they hop from one learning experience to the next. Whether you are a speaker, a conference attendee or part of the press, you’ll still need to find ways to get things done while you are […]

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Many studies are carried out on the number of people starting businesses and the success of those ventures but few researchers have investigated whether business is the secret to a long and healthy life.  Today I offer a few examples that point to a connection. Celebrating a centenary It was two recent insertions in the […]

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If you’ve been hanging out with us workshifters since the launch you probably noticed the Flickr widet on the sidebar.  Previously the only way pictures would show up there was if they were uploaded to the workshifting Flickr account.  That limited our capabilities to involve all of the other workshifters out there taking fun photos […]

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The Joys of Lost Luggage

Posted by on 18 June 2009

Anyone that spends a lot of their life on planes has surely enjoyed the pains caused by lostluggage.  I usually use carry-on rolling suitcase to avoid having to check to avoid any issues as well as the delay it causes while having to wait for the bags to be unloaded onto the belt.  But, last […]

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Working from home gives you the opportunity to set up an office that perfectly suits you and your business. Emma Jones offers her top four tips on creating the right environment. 1. Make some space – you’ll work much better if you have dedicated office space. That way, you can work without distraction, and close […]

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