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As a web commuter we spend most of our time in cafes, airports, hotels, flying, driving, or a menuboard.jpgnumber of other places and modes of travel.  This means that we’re usually at the mercy of whatever is closest and fastest for food.  We’re also constantly surrounded by food which leads to the temptation to snack more than usual.  Before web commuting became a regular part of my life, anything that included traveling was excuse enough for me to eat anything and everything I could find.  Fast food at the airport. Check. Multiple snacks on the plane.  Yup.  A cookie at the cafe. Uh huh. 

Now that I spend most of my time away from home, I’ve had to re-evaluate that strategy.  It was great while it lasted.  The temptation is always there for us though, isn’t it?  If you work in a traditional office, you only have to worry about the vending machine or bowl of candy at the receptionist desk.  Not us.  We have to be even more conscious of it because our offices are places where there’s normally food of some kind being served.

So, what can we do to make sure we’re eating healthy as a web commuter?

6 Tips to Healthier Eating as a Web Commuter

1. Pack trail mix or granola.  There are a ton of varieties out there now so you can find the kind that fits your taste.  I find some of my favorite at Trader Joes.  Alternatively, you can make your own easily.

2. Don’t fall victim to fast food restaurants at the airport.  More and more airports are taking the time to bring in local fare, celebrity chefs and other nice touches that allow you to avoid fast food.  Looking for a list of some of the top airport restaurants in the country?  Frommer’s recently published their list of the 13 Best U.S. Airport Restaurants.

3. Avoid the super grande mocha double espresso frothy chocolaty drink that you always get.  Starbucks has a great nutritional guide to help you out.  Hint: Go skim.  You can’t really taste the difference and it lowers the calories and fat by a lot!

4. Just because you’re there, doesn’t mean you have to eat.  Save on the cost of a couple cookies and make a small donation to charity.  Looking for one to support?  I’m collecting donations to buy laptops for kids right now…

5. Step away from the peanuts! If you’re flying, and have the choice, opt for one of the healthier options.  I happen to like the Terra Blue Chips available on JetBlue.

6. Get outside! We’re so trained to go work from a cafe, hotel lobby or sandwich shop but why not go out to the local park and do some work for a little while?

What are your tips for eating healthy as a web commuter?

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  • bradjward

    I always try to look for the salad or wrap when I’m running through the terminal rather than the quick cookie or chips.
    Skip the soda on your flights and save the calories. I pack Tazo tea bags and ask for hot water when the beverage cart comes through.
    Love the site!

  • adamzpieniazek

    If you know you’re going to be traveling or working away from home, make yourself a veggie sandwich, pack some snacks, throw a couple apples and oranges in your bag (I’m assuming you’ve got a bag for your laptop, books etc) and you can skip the restaurants at the cafe, airport etc.
    Love the go outside tip. I try to work outside at least for a few hours during the week. Great chance to get some fresh air plus it helps build inspiration seeing all the movement going on around you.

  • Lucretia

    Great tips!
    Me I go with “eat before leaving home” – choose fruit when possible – apples/bananas in most little coffee shop/food kiosks – a grande misto non-fat with sugar free vanilla syrup is as decadent as a vanilla latte – but at only 60 calories.

  • http://justinrlevy.com Justin Levy

    Packing tea is a great idea and one I hadn’t thought of before! I agree, I always try to find a salad or wrap (whole wheat) place at the airport. That’s why I enjoy that so many airports are putting in actually nice restaurants. It increases the likelihood of being able to find something more healthy.