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Archive | May, 2009

Currently, workshifters remain the minority in mid-sized and enterprise corporations. One topic that I frequently present on is the changing definition of work in the mobile and distributed workforce. In a recent Webinar I asked the audience “Which best describes your corporate practices regarding flexible working arrangements for employees?” The good news is that only […]

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Picture 223

Hi, my name is Brad and I’m addicted to frequent flyer miles. If there is a group for Flyer Miles Anonymous, sign me up.  There’s just something about watching those miles accumulate while I dream about a free flight to a exotic destination that gets me every time. (Then reality hits and I cash them […]

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Over the course of the life of this blog, other authors will approach this different ways. I convinced my supervisor at a wireless telecom company (this was in 2005) to let me become a workshifter for three out of five days a week. It wasn’t easy, but I found several keys that got me the […]

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5 Sites for Better Flights

Posted by on 20 May 2009

5 sites for better flights! Get some tips on how to make your travels go more smoothly.

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One of the active debates going on in the world of work right now (given the horrible state of the economy) is whether flexible work (aka “telecommuting” or “web commuting”) is a useful alternative to layoffs and other ways of cutting operational costs. I’m clearly a believer in flexible work – and there’s lots of […]

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Fortress in Alexandria

Are you experiencing the fatigue of the mobile warrior? Even Superman needed a place where he could be himself – the Fortress of Solitude. So when every nook and cranny with a WiFi connection, outlet, and coffee becomes your staging ground for organizational feats of wonder, you need to have a few tricks up your […]

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I web commute sometimes. I also work with remote employees, partners and clients. I’m always amazed at how easily we can overcome geography at work these days. But there is one thing that bugs me about not working with people in person. I like the personal exchanges. I like the water cooler talk and the […]

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What I Know About Air Travel

What I Know About Air Travel

Posted by on 16 May 2009

I’m writing this on a flight from Philadelphia to Boston. Luckily, it’s so early in the morning that my flight is ridiculously empty. I have an entire exit row to myself. Here’s tip #1: flying ridiculously early sometimes gives you better seating options (unless you’re flying to Washington, DC, where everyone gets up before you). […]

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As a web commuter we spend most of our time in cafes, airports, hotels, flying, driving, or a number of other places and modes of travel.  This means that we’re usually at the mercy of whatever is closest and fastest for food.  We’re also constantly surrounded by food which leads to the temptation to snack […]

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Five Things In My Work Bag

Posted by on 12 May 2009

Living the web commuter lifestyle requires that I carry around things you might keep in a desk drawer. It’s not like I can schlep around everything, so weight and size are an issue. And yet, if you’re working remotely, there are things you just don’t want to be without. Here’s my list of five things. […]

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